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The hottest fitness trends for 2020

Last year’s big hitters included HIIT classes, cult spinning sessions and a move towards conscious movement – but what does this year’s fitness calendar have in store for us? We asked the experts at ClassPass to predict the hottest fitness trends for 2020 – so you can get a head start and book in some classes. Have a read to see what’s going to be popular and to give you some inspiration to mix up your fitness regime.


Workouts for the soul will go mainstream

ClassPass predicts a rise in workouts which put mindfulness and mental health at the forefront – not only thinking about exercise during the class but the before and after as well.

More studios are now prioritizing spiritual wellbeing and ways we can nurture the soul and 2020 will be no different, with studios expanding their offering beyond traditional exercise to therapies like cryotherapy, meditation, breathing, massages and flotation tanks.

Here’s to more ‘wellness washing!’


Variety is king 

As boutique studios continue to boom across the UK and are no longer just an exclusive London offering, we will see more and more consumers seeking variety to keep them motivated in their fitness and wellness regimes. Consumers are looking for a diverse selection of ways to use their precious ‘me time’ to nurture their bodies and soul, and fitness memberships that offer access to this variety are helping to connect consumers with this quest for choice.

Fitness lovers are going to be looking for ways to put HIIT, cycling, swimming, dance, yoga, wellness, meditation, cryotherapy and floatation tanks all into their regular fitness routine.


Group workouts replacing happy hour 

How we exercise will continue to change, and fitness trends for 2020 will bring a surge in group sweat classes. The way we socialize with friends and spend time with work colleagues will change, as we begin to see workouts replacing happy hour and team lunches being replaced with team outings to a spin or trampoline class.

Working out increases team bonding, productivity and improves culture and we’re seeing studios embrace this trend – with group sweat classes such as The Foundry and Sweat It, where you collectively train and burn off calories as a group. Going to classes with your friends or colleagues is a great way to develop friendships too and also reduces some of the self-consciousness and anxiety of exercising alone in a room full of strangers.


Hybrid yoga

2020 will see a change in how we practice yoga. Over the years we’ve had goat yoga, bunny yoga and even alpaca yoga – and while we won’t be seeing anymore animals (sad times), we will be seeing more ways you can combine the exercise with other practices.

Yoga HIIT is the perfectly balanced class of hardworking stretches with sharp bursts of intensity, which ensures you’re using all of your muscles and leaving the room dripping in sweat and buzzing with endorphins.


Snooze time 

Something that we’re expecting to see more recognition of in 2020 is needing more shut-eye. We all know that sleep deprivation can impact you at work, your physical appearance and your mental health, and we’re seeing a big focus on studios looking at ways to address this as part of a holistic wellness solution. There is a rise in technical equipment that can help combat this lack of sleep, as well as offerings by studios like The Fore – who have a dedicated sleep space for post-workout R&R, and Pop N Rest’s sleep pods for you to take time out and say goodnight… on your lunch break.


Work hard, play hard

Increasingly, fitness trends this year will see people using their gyms and studios as a hub for socializing, chilling out, meditating – or even working. Studios like The Fore offer a co-working space for anyone to use, so you can essentially have your whole life’s needs in one place. Take a class in the morning, shower, grab your oat milk lattes or smoothies and crack on with the day’s tasks with no minutes lost. Frame and Another Space are both implementing ways they can cater to all needs, with the use of cafes and chill-out zones, which are enjoyable spaces for those to hang out after their workouts.

–Natalie Morris | metro.co.uk


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