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Use Fitness Coaches to Make Your Resolutions Effective

Fit Body Boot Camp Combines Rockstar Fitness Coaches, Body Composition Testing, Live On-Demand Heart Monitoring, and Realistic Goal Setting to Produce Amazing Results.

If for 2021 you have made your traditional New Year’s Resolutions and you fear that by March you will fall back into your 2020 ways, perhaps you need a fitness coach to keep you on track.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, fitness classes are not at all “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, high-energy sessions focused on weight loss and body toning, led by coaches that care about you and your goals. The company has combined many industry-leading features into a calorie-blasting workout that not only burns fat but is fun for its growing clientele.

The company pairs you with coaches that will stick with you to meet your fitness goals, a perfect solution for those who struggle to keep the promises made to themselves each January 1.

Meet the Coaches:


Ben – Head Coach

Ben graduated with a BS in Kinesiology from Kansas State University with certifications in Personal Training, CPR, AED and First Aid. Ben has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years with many different specializations ranging from healthy lifestyle and weight loss to sport specific training for any level of athlete.

Ben is known as a client favorite with his fun no-excuses workouts. He has dedicated his time to helping clients reach their goals no matter how big or small. Ben’s experience, attention to form, and his overall knowledge is second to none and invaluable to the success of every client.

“I truly enjoy motivating and teaching our members proper form and technique…and motivating them to accomplish their goals.” –Ben


Morgan – Head Coach

Morgan is certified in Group Fitness Instruction, CPR/AED and First Aid. She has earned a B.A. in Movement & Exercise Science with an emphasis in Exercise Science and a minor in Health Promotion from The University of Northern Iowa. Morgan brings a passion for public health education and corporate wellness to the team.

Morgan is a client favorite because of her eagerness to give individualized attention to each client’s fitness goals by providing meal prep ideas and customized fitness plans. When it comes to health and fitness, Morgan is a jack of many trades which makes her priceless to a diverse clientele.

“Choose your hard. Everything in life is hard, and you get to choose which hard you conquer.” –Morgan


Erin – Coach

Erin is a client, turned coach. She is a busy mom with nearly every day packed full of activities from hours before the sun gets up to well after most of us are in bed. With her husband in the military and two kids in grade school she “gets it.” After losing a substantial amount of weight after joining FBBC she joined the team as a coach to help others have the same success she did. Erin has been a great addition to the team with her outgoing personality and understanding of sustainable living.


Miranda – Coach, Manager, Owner

Miranda was a former FBBC client in Garden City where she lost 88 pounds before owning two locations herself. Knowing the impact FBBC had on her life she wanted to bring that feeling of accomplishment to as many people as she possibly could. Miranda originally coached every single class as she sought out Rockstar coaches to help her in her quest to empower so many people in our community. Miranda still coaches five days a week between both locations and loves making an impact on so many lives. Her experiences of the ups and downs in trying to balance a healthy lifestyle make her relatable beyond compare. She understands where you are and with her team of amazing coaches will help you get to where you want to be.



It’s a common myth that personal training is only for people who already meet a certain level of fitness. In fact, the company says its friendly fitness coaches at Fit Body Boot Camp are ready to welcome people at any fitness level and any age.

“We know from experience that anyone can achieve the fitness transformation they hope for with the right personal training,” says Miranda Downey, owner. “Many of our clients are shocked to see how strong they really are after just a few sessions! The greatest advantage of personal training is that it comes with direct motivation and feedback from a knowledgeable, caring coach.”

To help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions, a coach from Fit Body Boot Camp may be just what you need to stick to your goals. The company is now running a 5-week personal challenge. If in 5 weeks you can lose 18 pounds of fat, they will give you a full refund. You will also be eligible to join the FBBC New Year Challenge with meal options and over $3,000 in prizes. To register, sign up online at FitAFin5.com.

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