Local Organic Produce Farm Now Offers All-Natural CBD Products

The Farmacy is a Topeka-based hemp producer and manufacturer, offering high quality all natural CBD products at a fair price. The Farmacy was founded by certified organic farmers that have been supplying Northeast Kansas with farm fresh produce since 2013. In their carefully crafted line of products made with Kansas grown hemp, each product contains broad spectrum cannabidiol extracted from high quality material.

The Farmacy stands by their products through quality assurance – by ensuring that each one contains no less than the labeled quantity of chemical free ingredients. In addition, every label has a QR code directing to a third party-tested, batch-specific certificate of analysis.



A passion to provide natural resources for wellness to the world is the foundation of The Farmacy.

A journey of natural wellness that began in December of 2011 in a search for organic food available locally lead to a path into organic fruit and vegetable farming via Salem Farms in 2013. The production methods are unbiased and include aquaponics, high intensity gardening and companion planting among other “unconventional” farming methods.

Salem Farms grew to be a community supplier of fresh local produce, supplying local school systems, farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores with natural local produce.  Salem Farms is the primary supplier of fresh produce to The Farmacy.

Their research of industrial hemp cultivation began in 2018 with a desire to discover the benefits of high quality hemp-derived products.  “CBD” had become all the buzz in the natural wellness community.

Upon research of the endocannabinoid system, it was decided that to truly know the benefit of products utilizing CBD as an ingredient, they would need to make their own products.  Research and development began in early 2018.  By the end of the year optimization of formulation was complete, and the Farmacy brand was born.

As organic farmers, this “experiment” with CBD as an active ingredient in all natural products led to the production of industrial hemp on the farm – growing hemp commercially.



In 2020, The Farmacy launched a line of high quality all-natural artisan products that work to benefit their users in multiple ways.  Much went into creating high quality, all natural skincare and wellness products that provide optimal performance at an economical price, utilizing high quality all-natural essential and carrier oils as ingredients, in addition to broad spectrum CBD derived from organically grown hemp in all product lines.

Testimonials and feedback show efficacy at providing pain relief, better sleep, sun protection, an overall better sense of well-being, reduced anxiety and positive results in skin issues such as acne and eczema.

Now, The Farmacy’s  Holiday Collection offers several gift ideas for yourself or someone you love, and is available now on the website.


The Farmacy retail store in Topeka is planning to open during the first or second quarter of 2021. The retail store will feature not only Farmacy branded products, but also fresh produce, meat, baked goods, daily coffee, light fare and other locally produced goods.  There will be a coffee and smoothie bar, and breakfast and lunch items will be served.

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