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Do you need a lift? Mobility is important!

Like a lot of consumer products, powerchairs and scooters have come a long way in terms of the convenience and performance they provide to those who need them.  Moreover, in this era of ADA compliance, accessibility to public space has become greater than ever.  To be sure, people expect to be able to use their mobility devices when and where they need them most, like at work and shopping, or at the movie theatre or stadium.  Yet, for anyone needing to transport their device from one place to another this can prove to be a difficult task.  That is, powerchairs and scooters can take up a lot of space and tend to be heavy, some weighing two hundred pounds or more.


What options are available?

Today, thanks to the efforts of companies who work in the mobility equipment industry, consumers have more options than ever for transporting a powerchair or scooter in their vehicle.  Manufacturers like Bruno have been producing state-of-the-art lifts that can be installed in a wide range of vehicles that make transporting a powerchair or scooter both safe and practical.  And a full-service mobility equipment dealer such as Banner Mobility Resources can recommend a lift best suited to each customer’s needs.


Is your vehicle compatible?

For anyone who might be wondering if their vehicle can be equipped with a chair/scooter lift, the answer is most likely “yes.”  As an innovator in lift design, Bruno has expanded applications for vehicle type as well as brand, and at prices to accommodate different budgets.  If you drive a full-size pickup, a lift can be mounted inside the bed.  For those who own a minivan or SUV, there are lifts that can load and transport a scooter or powerchair inside the rear end of the vehicle.  Another option is a lift that mounts to the trailer hitch for transporting a scooter or chair outside of the vehicle.  Also, lifts are made to fit many popular brands of vehicles including Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevy, KIA, Toyota, Honda and others as well.


How difficult is it to use?

Lifts for transporting a scooter or powerchair are very user-friendly, as “ease of use” has literally been built into every design.  Loading and transporting a chair is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!  For some lifts all you need to do is drive the chair onto a platform, secure it with safety straps, then press a button and the chair will automatically load into the vehicle.  Other lifts are nearly as easy to use by attaching a lift strap to the chair or scooter, then press a button to raise it while guiding the chair into the vehicle.


Whether you own van, truck or SUV getting the correct lift for your vehicle is critical to safe and satisfactory performance.  As such, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure that all lift installations are matched to a particular vehicle and powerchair/scooter combination.

To learn more about lifts for your vehicle or for information about other mobility devices, contact Banner Mobility Resources at 785-235-3070. Visit the website at


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