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Getting Around: How important is mobility to you?

For anyone considering purchasing a new powerchair or scooter mobility device there is more to know than one might realize.  These devices allow people with physical limitations to go about their daily lives with greater ease and independence.  And both can work well in a variety of indoor or outdoor situations and each can be tailored to fit individual differences in people such as size and weight.

But given the wide range of scooters and powerchairs being produced, there are some major differences between everything that is available.  To the consumer, it’s important to understand these differences because the bottom line is that electric scooters and powerchairs complement people’s lives in very different ways.  That is, a younger person may have a completely different lifestyle than a retired person, and someone who is an outdoor enthusiast or farmer is going to use a mobility device much differently than someone who spends more time at home and prefers indoor activities.

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Before making any buying decision, people should begin by asking themselves “what exactly will I be doing with this device and how do I expect it to help me.”  This question will include not only how the device will be used but where it will be used as well.  The second part of this question is relevant because a person that wants to go to the store or to the park will need a way to load the scooter or powerchair into their vehicle for travel.  After answering these questions individuals can then select a model based on its capabilities and features.

In the world of mobility devices, brand does matter!  With so many makes on the market, consumers want to choose a manufacturer that is reputable and service-oriented, and avoid brands that lack service and support.  Manufacturers like Golden Technology, PaceSaver and Invacare are well-established and offer warranties and service, as well as parts and support through dealerships such as Banner Mobility Resources, which serves Topeka and N.E. Kansas.


Powerchair or Scooter?? 

Both are battery powered and roll on a combination of wheels.  Depending on the exact model these devices have about eight hours of run time with a range of ten miles or more.

Scooters may be better for long distances and in a wider range of outdoor settings, and can handle slightly rougher terrain than powerchairs.  They can also travel at higher speeds for those who like to go fast.  Since electric scooters are lighter, they are easier to load into a vehicle and transport.  Some scooter models can even be quickly broken down or folded, making them easier to store and handle.  A scooter may be a better choice for those with greater mobility – people who like to “jump on and off” a lot while doing different chores and activities.  When compared to the electric powerchair, scooters are generally less expensive to purchase.

An electric powerchair can provide many of the same benefits as a scooter while offering enhanced comfort and ease of use.  For those who will spend more time in their mobility device, a powerchair may be more ideal for a number of reasons.  The seat of a powerchair tends to provide a great deal of adjustability thus giving the best fit possible to the user.  And unlike the scooter that requires a certain amount of effort to turn the steering handles, the powerchair is turned and controlled by moving a small “joystick” mounted near the arm rest.

This means it takes much less effort to maneuver an electric powerchair than it does a scooter.  This difference alone makes the powerchair a better option for individuals with limited upper body strength.  Another consideration is the amount of space available to operate the device.  The Powerchair can make very tight turns and can move with much greater precision when compared to the scooter.

Whatever type of mobility device you require, it is recommended that you work with a mobility dealer that has the knowledge and staff to properly advise you.  A firm like Banner Mobility Resources can guide customers through every step of the purchase decision, making sure you obtain the best scooter or powerchair for your particular needs.


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