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For Some, Mobility and Freedom are One and the Same

For those living with a physical challenge of any kind, mobility and the freedom to get around as easily as possible is just as important to them as it is to the rest of the public.

Moreover, anyone with a physical limitation wants and deserves the same opportunities as everyone else.  In this sense, achieving greater mobility is a vital necessity.

There’s a lot to know

A full-service mobility company, such as Banner Mobility Resources, understands the many ways people can benefit from a multitude of devices that can provide convenience and enhance quality of life.  For instance, people who use scooters to get around need a way to transport them in a vehicle. A scooter or wheel chair lift that can mount to a van, SUV, pickup truck or bus will easily raise and stow a chair or scooter for travel anywhere.

For multi-level homes, a stair lift can be installed allowing a person to go to the second floor or to the basement of their house.  Installation is quick and they can be removed if no longer needed.

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And for people on the go, Lowered Floor Mini Vans (LFMV) are available.  These specially-fitted vans are specifically designed to allow a person to enter the vehicle using a built-in ramp and remain in their power chair while traveling, either as a passenger or as the driver.

There are lots of options

There are many other types of mobility aids and equipment available as well.  Quick-release power chair restraint systems can be used to secure a chair to vans.  And driver hand controls are available for those who have limited use of their legs.  These can be adapted to almost any type of vehicle to make driving a simple and practical reality.

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Most are familiar with the ever-popular “scooter,” but did you know that scooters and power chairs come in a variety of models with features and capabilities that users can select from, depending on need and preference?

There’s more to it

There is also another side to the mobility business.  There are many companies that work directly with the handicapped, and may utilize bus fleets or vans equipped with commercial-grade wheel chair lifts.  The chair lifts on these buses are complex and require routine maintenance or repair. Very few firms are qualified and equipped to handle the rigors of lift work on commercial buses, and anyone involved in fleet bus maintenance should be certified by the equipment manufacturer.

When seeking information or shopping for any mobility device, know that all businesses are not the same.  For instance, Banner Mobility Resources is a full-service company dedicated not only to sales, but also offers certified installation, repair and maintenance on a full range of mobility devices.  Moreover, Banner employs a knowledgeable staff who can properly advise customers and provide them with a free evaluation as well.

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