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Phoenix Home Care Responds to COVID-19

To the Topeka Community: We wanted to communicate our position as your home care provider by sharing with you some of the measures Phoenix is taking to be proactive in our response to the COVID-19 virus. We are committed to caring for you and continuing to offer our highly needed services that keep you safe in your home. In the last few days, we have heard and seen orders given by President Trump and government officials outlining the importance of social distancing and the importance of staying in homes during this event, which we fully support.

As a home care provider, we are part of this plan to help people remain safely in their homes and reduce the risk of exposure during this time. Phoenix Home Care & Hospice will ensure our clients have a home care professional supplying valuable oversight, providing assistance with critical day-to-day tasks and also caring for clients who need the skills only a clinical staff member or professional caregiver can offer. With our caregiver and clinical staff continuing to serve our clients, we are able to decrease the need for people to leave their home to complete errands, such as grocery shopping and picking up medications. We are also able to continue to oversee the care of the people who are utilizing nursing services and physical therapy services to reduce the chance of going out to the doctor’s office, urgent care, emergency room, or hospitals, where the highest risk reside.

Phoenix has created a COVID rapid response team. This team has been tasked with reviewing the latest and upcoming information of COVID-19, including best practices to keep our staff safe, our clients safe, and the Topeka community safe.

Our mission has, and always will be, to serve with an altruistic manner and with Christ-like qualities of patients, honesty, and compassion. By following the guidance given at the national level, by the CDC, and staying true to our mission, our hope is to illuminate or decrease any disruptions in your service and add peace and comfort to your life by continuing to provide the care and support you have been receiving or need to receive. Phoenix will continue to review all new information on an hourly basis as we strive to align our actions to be consistent with the national recommendations.

Please be assured that Phoenix Home Care & Hospice clinical staff and caregivers are trained and understand when it is necessary to take additional precautions. If the caregiver or clinician chooses to wear a mask during the visit, it is because they are operating in a cautious manner. We would encourage all of our homecare clients to remember the hospitals and emergency room staff are limited, and to only utilize the services if they’re experiencing symptoms that warrant this level of care. Phoenix home care and hospice has a goal to provide expert medical care in the home so people who truly need a higher level of medical care have access at this time.


Nicholas Carroll, Regional Manager

Post-Acute Patient Consultant

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice

2945 SW Wanamaker Dr., Suite B

Topeka, KS 66614



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