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I Used My Body As A Toxic Waste Dump

I Used My Body As A Toxic Waste Dump

Let’s get right to the point. I went into surgery in 2011, 48 years old, to have my ovaries removed because of heavy periods and the doctor found parasitic cysts all over my female organs and I ended up with a full hysterectomy.  Some cysts were as large as small apples and while they varied in size, they all had one thing in common.  They were filled with green and brown fluid like what you would see at a toxic waste dump. The real questions are… how did I let this happen to my body and what was the solution to letting my body heal itself?

How Did This Happen?

In 1977 I was 14 years old with heavy periods and blood clots, and the protocol was to put girls on the pill.  I did not know differently, I trusted doctors, I followed the narrative.   Of course, we were all programmed to believe that a pill for every ill was the way to handle our health concerns. I quickly became emotional and erratic, so I got off the pill about 5 days later.  I did not understand that we heal from the inside out.

In hindsight, I realized my daily routines were off balance.  The breakfast cereals led to hyperactivity compliments of the food coloring that has been linked to hyperactivity disorder, ADD, ADHD, irritability, depression, hives, asthma and more. After lunch I needed a nap. Dinner landed me in the bathroom.  If this seems like you, it may be common, but it is not normal.

After a healthy meal, we should have greater energy, mental acuity and focus. If we don’t, we have an opportunity to create that by doing things differently.

I clearly had digestive issues that were related to what I ate and that was magnified by the stress from the negative internal dialogue and self-limiting programmed beliefs. The boxed food that I was eating was laden with chemicals. The GMOs had entered the market under the radar and even the apples I ate no longer fueled my health.

I had labored breathing from cleaning house with synthetic cleaners.  That was coupled with headaches, red itchy skin, and bruises. I was congested from the moment I came out of the womb.  I resorted to taking over the counter allergy medication repeatedly just to make it through the day which made me agitated.

By 1997, I complained of pain in my right shoulder, after a fall in the parking lot at work. I was told that the pain was all in my head.  I was eventually put on 19 medications that led to 21 different chronic diseases.  Fast forward to 2011, and my periods were so painful that I missed work, social events and life.  My mom had died 9 months earlier from ovarian cancer and I am starting to wake up to the fact that I need to make changes. Honestly, no one has mentioned my lifestyle yet. I turned to surgery, and the surgeon found all sorts of gunk that was a result of the toxic mess I fed myself for 48 years.  The toxic pills, the unfiltered water, the synthetic food. Then there are the hidden toxins that magnify the catastrophe.

The Solution

By 2013 after both parents had passed.  I finally woke up.  I started listening to the voices in my head…God and my spirit guides.  I listened and let them guide me to a path of real health.  Really.  I mean when the neurologist asked me if I had a referral to his office, it was kind of hard to tell him it was a “God Job.”  Eventually they let me in.  When I revealed to the doctor GOD referred me, he replied, “talk to me.”  I was beyond grateful that he wanted to listen.  This was the first doctor that listened and that saved my life.  He determined that I was mis-diagnosed and got me started in the right direction.

And let’s talk about “Real Health.”  Let’s not sugar coat it. It is not alternative health, holistic health, synthetic health or complimentary health.  Real health is what God intended for you and me all along.  Plants and energy-based healing that allows the body to heal itself.

I kicked fake food and sugar to the curb.  I welcomed in organic whole foods and plant-based cleaners and personal care items.  I learned about nutrients and how they would fuel my body. I practiced prayer, sound healing and meditation. I lost 92 pounds, and I reversed all my chronic diseases, including small fiber neuropathy, diabetes, high cholesterol, trigger fingers, arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, depression, pain, adrenal fatigue just to name a few.  I was no longer symptomatic and while I still have the genetics for many of these diseases, they will not be expressed if I fuel my body with what it needs.  We have the power to let our bodies heal itself and I love to show the world how.  You may ask… what about energy?  We are energy bodies.  Some of the frequency we hold is ours, some not.  Much of the pain we have can be released through prayer.  It was never ours to begin with.  I will leave you with that thought.  If you really want to know more, you can reach out to me.

– Jodi L. Suson-Calhoun, MBA, Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive, Human Behaviorist