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Tips from a Nurse on COVID-19

As a Registered Nurse I do health care for a living – I teach people how to improve their health.  One thing that I see that we are doing wrong as a nation is not teaching people how to improve their immunity, and how to stop doing things that reduce their immunity.

First: Stop taking antacids (another name is proton pump H2 pump inhibitors).  These are Prilosec, Previcide, Omeprazole, Nexium, Pepcid, Tums, and Protonics.  What these medications do is increase stomach pH to a 10 or alkaline.   Our stomach pH should be 2.2 or acidic.  When pH is out of balance you cannot absorb your minerals. All farmers understand what happens to cattle if cattle or any farm animal does not have adequate minerals.  Stomach pH is our first line of defense to viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, and allergens.

Our GI tract is 70% of our immune system.  So now let’s deal with the acid reflux disease, IBS, colitis, which panics everyone when I tell them to stop taking their medications.  You have to take a good probiotic and a good aloe product.  The flora or good bacteria is what kills the viruses, bad bacteria, mold, and funguses, and stops the allergens from having such an affect and allows your intestinal tract to absorb mineral. Absorbing your minerals is critical to your health to maintain good immunity, prevent osteopenia, osteoporosis, and promote good health.

Now, where the probiotics have a difficult time is that there may not be enough of them in the product you buy, or an adequate dose, or how they are handled because of the type of probiotic that has to be refrigerated, or it is not protected from stomach acid until it reaches the intestinal tract.  The reason why probiotics have to be taken on a regular basis is because with age our flora – good bacteria – gets affected by stress, medications, and meat, just to mention a few.  So look for a product that has several colony-forming units (CFU) and releases with your stomach acid.  Aloe is distilled like liquor so it needs to be distilled at 150% to be effective.

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Our next defense is what our sinuses do.  I recommend Zicam, the homeopathic one.  If you are having symptoms of flu or you are feeling “fluey” or you think it’s an allergy, you need to start using Zicam.  There are different Zicams.  You want the one that will say “reduces cold symptoms” and in the right hand corner, “homeopathic and zinc free.”  What happens when you take it – and you need to follow package directions, which is two pumps in each nostril every three hours until symptoms have completely subsided – is that Zicam creates a hostile environment for COVID-19, pathogens and allergens.  But you have to take it every three hours until symptoms are gone.  My clients have found that they have only had to use this for a couple of days at the longest until symptoms have gone away.

Our next line of defense is fever.  When Tylenol is advertising, they say, “to reduce a fever,” not get rid of it.  Our fever, 101 degrees or less is what helps to kill pathogens.  Many people think a fever is bad but it is part of our immunity.

Another line of defense is using coconut oil.  All oils create a barrier.  Coconut oil can be used in the nostrils of your nose.  The virus will get trapped in the oil and cannot replicate.  Then when you blow your nose it comes out. You can put coconut oil on your hands as a barrier under your gloves or just in general for extra protection. Pathogens can travel in water but they cannot travel in oil, nor can they grow or spread.

There are many ways to improve your health. These are just a few that are very pertinent to the coronavirus.

By Paulette Danielson, RN, NCTMB

Danielson & Associates, P. A.

201 NW Highway 24, Suite 120



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