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The Power of Divine Energy

Often times when I speak about energy as a form of healing, some people can become dazed and confused. They do not understand what I mean by energy or divine energy.   So, let’s demystify it…shall we?

What is energy anyways? We all can relate to walking into the room where there is a good party, and everything feels upbeat and happy.  That is energy.  On another note, if you walk in the forest, or along the beach, you will feel the serenity of nature.  On the contrary, the mountains by my home, once were battlegrounds.  When I have walked those mountains, I felt the energy of those that fought and died.  The energy felt angry and sad to me. If you have ever visited a place of suffering, such as the concentration camps in Auschwitz, you cannot deny the energy of death there either.


Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.  It is only transformed.  

The first week of January 2024, I took my long-awaited honeymoon. One of the places that my husband and I visited were the Crystal Caves at Cayman Island that was formed millions of years ago. Nature created the magic that exists within these walls.  When my husband and I walked in, we could instantly feel the purity of God’s creation – his energy.  I felt his love in my heart instantly.  When we were allowed into this sacred space, we were told not to touch anything and of course, there was no smoking, no littering. There is minimal man-made electricity.   That means that most of the energy in the cave is coming from the earth’s electromagnetic field itself, which is the Schumann resonance, a healing energy.

When we neutralize the negative energy around us, we make space for our spiritual ancestors, angel guides and God to communicate with us. While they are always present, it can be harder for them to connect with us because of all the interferences; like man-made chemicals that are part of our water and food supply, man-made electrosmog coming from appliances and devices, which result in negative emotions that breeds within us as a result of this exposure.   Andrew and I started to take photos of our surroundings and of course we were surprised to see through the camera what we could not see with the naked eye.  ­­­When we create a sacred space within, meaning we clear our minds, environment, treat our bodies as a temple, it is easier to connect with our angels, spirit guides and God.  Have you had this experience?  The pictures (above) we took at the cave show our spiritual guides surrounding my husband and me.


Then, we see them again captured on the walls of the cave. divine energy


It is hard to deny their presence and the messages that they send us.  Do you observe and connect with your surroundings to receive your divinely guided messages and feel the energy of their love?  Do you need coaching on how to receive divine guidance from your spiritual guides and what to look for?   Some of us, myself included, used to take these signals for granted and ignored them stunting my spiritual growth.  Is it time to find your path to spiritual growth and learn how to shift and transform unwanted energy to divine energy?  There is magic in the world, it is all yours to receive.



Rev. Jodi Suson-Calhoun, MBA, Organizational Behavior, Human Behaviorist, Nutritionist, NLP, Amen Clinics Brain Health Professional, Master of Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission, Quantum Energy Healer, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Podcast Host Self-Cell CareTM

Jodi uses a multi-modal method to self-healing. Her approach stems from her personal health journey and working with Chiropractors, and practitioners of Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Masters of Divine Interventionist Spontaneous Remission, and other holistic practitioners. She reversed 29 chronic conditions, lost 92 pounds by shifting her mindset, removing, and neutralizing the toxicity from her life, replacing it with nutrient dense foods, filtered water, energy-healing practices, and essentials oils. Her ability to receive source energy is magnified by treating her body as a temple. The real gift is that through extensive peer-reviewed research, Jodi found the solutions that are both the most effective and the most affordable.