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Your Belief Systems – Whose Are They Anyway?

How can we know who we really are, when we have not addressed our childhood wounds, imprints, and akashic records, all of which drive our belief systems? What can you do to release these energies and create discernment about what you really believe so that you will not be driven by someone else’s beliefs?  Put yourself in the driver’s seat.



First, ask yourself if you spend a lot of time thinking about or burying your past?  Are you still driven by your parents’ rules? Are you so afraid to think about your childhood that you push the memories down or do you have zero recall?  Do you feel sad, agitated or angry about your past or present?

Are you living by your highest values, or are you living according to someone else’s expectation of what to be? Our childhood wounds are driving our adult behaviors and many of us are unaware.  Do you feel judged by everyone?  Are you in a constant state of people pleasing and not winning? Or are you constantly judging others creating a divide between you and joy?


Unlocking The Sub-Conscious Mind

These thoughts and patterns are buried in our subconscious mind and when we get triggered by someone, we tend to react to what they say versus responding to them.

Responding is a healthy action which includes pausing before speaking.  In 2014, my psychologist suggested that I use a remote control when speaking so that I could provide a gentle reminder to myself to hold on to my harsh tongue.  Responding provides a solution that allows both parties to grow and heal.

Reactions occur when we are triggered and can include outbursts of tears, anger, sarcasm, going to long-term silence and withholding information. They can be retaliatory or accusatory; they shift the conversation (squirrelling) and do not provide solutions. Reactions are chaotic and can be characterized as manipulative, since people use these behaviors to bring attention to themselves even if it is not positive.

These locked memories in our subconscious mind are driving our daily behaviors. I found it eye opening to learn that we are making conscious choices only 5% of the time.  The rest is on autopilot driven by buried childhood memories, past lives or traumas.  We locked the situation deep within our psyche because we did not want to have to feel the pain.  However, when patterns show up, that is our cue to let us know we need to unlock that experience, face our fears and release it to God.


Our parents, mostly with love, guide this path.  We all are influenced to live our life based upon someone else’s agenda.  Although I chose a different path than what my parents intended, I am still grateful for the influence, because I developed great skill sets in areas that add value to me daily. Years down the road, I was able to uncover what fueled my soul.  The discernment unveiled itself by using precision sound frequency that put my brain in a theta state, reduced my brain chatter and reversed my PTSD.  I became an active listener of both people and the Divine.  It is our birthright to hear God, yet many of us pray and don’t expect to receive an answer or listen for one.  This can relate to our deserve level.

We can choose differently.  We can stop people-pleasing, procrastinating and ignoring the insights that are shared by friends.  We can choose to openly communicate to prevent misunderstandings and avoid using poor behaviors as a way to manipulate others. We can stop taking things personally or making assumptions about someone’s behavior.  Most of the time, they have been triggered and are reacting to a childhood trauma that needs to be uncovered and released.

Do you know what safety mechanisms you put into place as a kid to avoid the hurt and pain?  Are they still helping you?  Or are they hindering you now?

Precision sound frequency has been amazing at clearing my self-limiting beliefs and energetically I have accessed my akashic records, cleared negative thought forms that were not mine to begin with, and now I live life on purpose.


What would this do for your life?

Releasing negative thought patterns will allow you to step into your own power, which is miraculous not only for you, but for those that are in your tribe.  When you live life with intention and by your highest values, you inspire others to do the same.  We do what we see more than we do what we are told.


The Challenge

There is a challenge when we change our behaviors.  There will always be people who want you to stay stuck in the old patterns because their comfort zone is threated by your growth.  They are suffering themselves and they are afraid to get out of their comfort zone.  It can trigger them when you choose differently.  They may be verbally abusive in an effort to keep you from your life path. Just breathe through this.  This is just another life lesson.  Many people are comfortable with the old behaviors even though they don’t yield the results.  Spoiler Alert: There are painful moments on the road to self-realization and actualization.   It can hurt at first to let go of an old identity (like wearing your favorite comfy slippers that are 15 years old and ready for the garbage).  There will be a few variations of your new you. Allow the universe to show you the possibility of what they had in store for you when you were born and breathe into that future.


–Rev. Jodi L. Suson- Calhoun |Suson Essentials

MBA, Organizational Behavior, Human Behaviorist, Brain Health Professional Amen Clinics, Nutritionist, Essentials Oils, Corporate Wellness, Frequency Medicine, Talk Show Host Self-Cell Care, Medical Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer.

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