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Brain on Fire: High Radiation Levels in the Home

Imagine sleeping at home and your bedroom walls are covered with EMF radiation equivalent to 2,250 cell phones. We have 15 smart meters on our outside bedroom wall. I measured my personal cell phone with a Trifield meter, and the EMF milligauss rating ranges from 1.0 to 72. When I measured the bedroom wall it tapped out when the milligauss reached over 99.

According to experts, a safe sleeping environment should be at .3 milligauss or less so that our bodies can heal. You could say that we were living in a microwave oven masquerading as our home.

Many people often talk about the toxins in the cleaning supplies, food, water, and personal care items. However, we also need to better understand the impact of electro-smog on our brains from cell phones, smart meters, and other electro-magnetic devices.


EMF Will Clump Your Red Blood Cells

We don’t know the complete dangers of this hidden toxin, but it will clump your red blood cells and contribute to systemic inflammation and a lack of microcirculation. If we are exposed to too much radiation on a daily basis, the die off of the red blood cells may overload our spleen. After months of EMF overload, my brain hurt. I was crying from the pain. My doctor also discovered that my liver, kidneys and spleen were malfunctioning, and I gained excess weight.


Are Smart Meters Impacting Your Emotional Health?

Does your home have smart meter(s)? Apartment homes typically stack many of them on one outside wall. Did you know that on average, the radiation from one smart meter is equivalent to 150 cell phones? So, how does a body heal when there is radiation on and in the home 24/7? The short answer is …It doesn’t. You need to change your environment.

Question: What makes the impact of EMF worse?

Answer: If you are consuming products with heavy metals.

Often, there are heavy metals in our water and food supply if you are eating conventional foods and drinking unfiltered tap water. Toxins are stored in your fat cells, and since our brains are up to 70% fat, this creates a recipe for irritability, irrational thinking, emotional breakdowns, depression, lack of memory, focus and joy.

For months, I was arguing with my husband, and we made excuses about it. So, if you are constantly arguing with your spouse or other family members, and you have smart meters or high levels of radiation in your living and work areas, don’t file those divorce papers yet. Explore the man-made external factors contributing to your family’s frustration.


Feeling More Agitated

For me, I transitioned from being the “Zen Girl” and active to feeling like my brain was on fire. I was constantly feeling stressful, anxious and I had outbursts of anger. I could not process information and I no longer had interest in hiking and other fun things because I was too fatigued. I could not make out what people were saying even after they repeated themselves.

If this was happening to someone you know, one might think, depending upon their age, that one might have early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s or ADD. The answer is… not likely. That is a programmed belief system and an old narrative that does not serve you well. What you can do is look at the environment and better understand how the technology and chemicals are hurting your emotional and brain health.


How Many Meters Does Your Home Have?

Homes today may have 2 to 3 meters that measure your electrical, gas and water usage. In the past, people would come out to read the meters. Today, the signal is read electronically to save the corporations money on labor. While this is convenient, living with high levels of radiation 24/7 will negatively impact your health.



What are the solutions? One, opt out of the smart meter programs. Unplug WIFI when you are not home and at night before bed. Hardwire your technology. Try EMF blocking paint, explore the use of a faraday sleeping blanket, hats, capes and more. Explore using Pulse Electric Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF) to help your body harmonize the negative EMF. I use these daily. PEMF frequencies increase microcirculation, get rid of waste, increase nutrient absorption, and align your body with the Schuman Resonance.

But how will it make you feel? When my family uses PEMF, we find it increases our mental and emotional capacity. We have greater bandwidth to process information and be present in the moment. We feel energized, centered and focused. Beware, not all PEMF devices are created equal, and some will cause harm. Reach out to better understand the differences. Take time to educate yourself about the various PEMF signals and how they interact with the body.

   –By Rev. Jodi L. Suson-Calhoun

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